Sunday, January 26, 2014

Dream Big Dreams

Last night, Saturday 1/25, I officiated Amy and Chad's wedding at the Crescent Club in Dallas, Texas. Here are the personal remarks I shared with them and their guests:

One of the most fascinating things about Amy and Chad is that they each have a truly natural curiosity about the world. They are willing to look at things and do things a little differently than what is common. They are willing to ask questions others might not ask, and they are not afraid of the answers they may find. They really and truly want to pursue their dreams, and they are not afraid to dream big dreams.

What causes one to dream big dreams? Well, there may be a variety of answers to such a question, but in Amy and Chad's case, as in the case of many  it seems that it is one thing - adversity. Now, none of us seeks out adversity. Let's be honest; it can break you. However, if you come out of the other end intact, you tend to savor life, demand more out of it, and find a zest in it one could not find before. And if you have had a partner in your journey through adversity, you dream big dreams together. And just like John Lennon said, "A dream you dream alone is only a dream; a dream you dream together, THAT is reality."

Indeed, Amy and Chad do not just dream, they dream together. That is what their true and deep love is all about. The way they describe that deep love can be best summarized in the beautiful words of the another dreamer, the great Bolivian poet, Adela Zamudio:

Desde el día en que te vi
nimbé mi alma en tus ojos,
y saturé mi corazón
con unos pétalos rojos.

Since the day I saw you
My soul glows haloed in your eyes
And my heart is full
Of scarlet petals.

Amy and Chad, may your love continue to reflect these words every day, as you live out your dreams together for many years to come.

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