Saturday, November 28, 2020

Walk Side by Side into the Unknown of Tomorrow

Saturday afternoon, Reverend Ronald Vickers and I co-officiated Brandy and Ed’s wedding ceremony at the Marty Leonard Chapel, in Fort Worth, Texas. Here are the remarks I shared with them and their guests:

You would think that the story of how a couple met would have some consistency to it regardless of who tells it. If there are differences, you might expect for the differences to fit with the gender stereotypes of the teller. That would be extremely foolish of you, in this case. Check this out.

Ed writes: “We met in one of those circumstances that they make Lifetime movies about. I was invited to a party by some friends I’d met playing video games online. She walked in the door and I couldn’t think about anything else for the rest of the night. The first time we talked we couldn’t be parted for hours.”

That’s so sweet. I can almost hear the palpable regret of some of the ladies present at this guy being officially taken off the market.

Now, here’s Brandy: “Ed and I first met... in a bathroom... My dad is very proud of the fact that he is the one who sent me into the bathroom...”

OK, OK, truth be told, I did leave out the part where she explains that this was at, “a science fiction and fantasy convention in DFW called FenCon,” as well as the context that, “the bathroom was not functioning as a bathroom, but rather as a make-shift bar.” Oh, and that her dad sent her in there, “in search of a drink.”

From meeting in the bathroom, it was just a natural progression to the location of their first date. Brandy matter of factly says, “The next weekend we went on our first official date. It started at the car dealership where I was supposed to be getting routine maintenance but was instead getting a new tire...”

Ed says that there was actually something really valuable about this: “Despite this unfortunate locale, the experience was not diminished. If anything, I think meeting in mundane circumstances provided an important counterbalance to the raucousness of the previous weekend. We both had the chance to experience one another in opposing social scenarios, and we learned that we could enjoy each other’s company regardless of the setting.” As a child of the 80s myself, I think this might be what Madonna meant when she sang, “Put your love to the test.”

Ed’s description of how he knew this relationship would go the distance belies his somewhat hyper rational outlook: “When I started dating Brandy I just knew where my future would lead from that moment. It’s like the strands of our fates struck a resounding chord and created a harmony. It’s the kind of situation that makes you reconsider your belief in soulmates and destiny. Some circumstances just resonate in a particular way that tugs on a person’s perceptions, if they’re willing to accept what they’re seeing and feeling.”

Brandy describes that harmony: “I love how we work together, even when we disagree, and we have natural rhythms that complement each other. I love that we can have a lazy day together, that we can share our hobbies with each other, and introduce each other to new things. I love that we support each other, that he understands, comforts, and listens when I need; that he understands my need to go and do things and is always ready for the next adventure. I love that he trusts me and that we are always honest with each other. I love that we can talk about difficult things and work through them or talk about differences of opinion rationally. I love that we laugh a lot together.”

That why Brandy says, “I am ready to walk side by side into the unknown of tomorrow, confident that we will always strive to be better together, to lift each other up and support each other whatever comes our way.”

Ed agrees: “I have found the person I want to share the rest of my life with, and it’s the right time to let the world know that. And besides, we’ll probably throw a fun party.”

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