Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Strong Foundation

Saturday evening, I officiated Natalie and Corey’s wedding ceremony, at the Warwick Melrose Hotel, in Dallas, Texas. Here are the remarks I shared with them and their guests:

For our wedding, twenty five years ago, we still received a few telegrams. Note to my fellow non-millennials: You may need to explain to the Millennial and Generation Z guests what those are, during the reception. Anyway, do you know what the classic Jewish parent telegram says? Start worrying now. Stop. Details to follow. Stop. Of course, when I tell this to Catholics, they tell me that is the Catholic parent telegram. 

Now, I believe that one of the last things Natalie and Corey’s parents need to do is worry about these two. Why do I say that? Allow me to elaborate. 

Here is what Natalie says: “I am in love, planning a wedding, moving in with Corey, and I’ve never felt more relaxed… I think it’s a good start. (Everyone said it would be stressful… They don’t know him like I do.)”  How often do you hear that from a bride? Is that cool or what?

This calm that Natalie and Corey have felt with each other has been a theme of their relationship. Corey attests to that, when he says that at the beginning of their relationship: “We found that it was easy to talk with each other and never had any awkward silences.” And Natalie agrees: “I remember feeling like I was talking too much, but he was talking a lot too, and then I realized that I just felt so comfortable.”

And this was not just a fleeting situation. It has manifested itself so deeply, that Corey says, “Natalie gets me like no other person has or ever will.” Natalie agrees, when she says, “It just works, it’s effortless to be with him.”

And what is that made them feel so comfortable? What is that made this wedding feel stress free? Interact with them for even a short time, and you will know. It is the strength of character both Natalie and Corey possess. As Natalie says, she early on realized that Corey, “was just the kindest, most honest man I had ever known. The strength of his character is definitely one of the reasons I fell in love with him.”

When you realize that strength of character is what really matters, other things can fall into place. This is why Corey says: “I could not see myself marrying anyone but Natalie... I truly now know that Natalie is the only person I want to spend the rest of my life with.”

This is why Natalie says: “I know we will build something very strong together... I know that Corey and I have what it takes to make a strong foundation.”

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