Sunday, March 17, 2019

I Choose You

Saturday evening, I officiated Marissa and Brittney’s wedding ceremony, at the Stonebriar Country Club, right here, in Frisco, Texas. Here are the remarks I shared with them and their guests:

The bond and connection these two share with one another is genuinely unique. Despite coming from very different places and backgrounds, the term bashert really conveys it best: They undoubtedly are meant to be. Don’t take my word for it, take theirs...

Brittney shared with me that, “From the first time I met Marissa, I knew, instantly, this woman was unlike any other: Always genuine, caring, and honest, beautiful, kind, funny, and just so intelligent. I could honestly list adjectives describing how incredible a person she is all day. It’s such a great feeling to be with someone who is always so true, someone who is so compassionate and gentle, someone who really does share the same ideals and morals as me. I don’t take this for granted, as I believe it is quite difficult to find!”

And Marissa shared with me: “When I think of the ideal person, one that we as individuals are supposed to emulate, each and everyday, I think of Brittney. She isn’t just patient, determined, hardworking, and honest; she is the kind of person that I really strive to be more like every day, and I truly believe that if people were more like her, our world would be so much more peaceful, beautiful, and easy going. She is my comfort, she is my family, and she is my home.”

These two are different in many ways. They come from different cities and different backgrounds. They have different hobbies, and different tastes in fashion. But they share what matters most: their passions, their dreams, their hopes, and their unrivaled love for one another. Destined to be together, Marissa and Brittney are living proof that love can always find a way to bring two people together and that love can and will conquer all!

There is a song that both Marissa and Brittney love. They believe that these lyrics sum up their relationship best:

And I'd choose you
In a hundred lifetimes I'd choose you
In a hundred worlds I'd find You...

And I'd say, "I do"
For the rest of my life
With all that I have, I do
And I will
When the sky is falling
I promise you I'm all in,
No turning back.
Every day, every moment, Every breath you take... I choose you.

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