Sunday, March 17, 2019

Make Others Happy

Sunday evening (3.10), I officiated Miriam and Steven’s wedding ceremony, at the Westin Dallas Downtown, in Dallas, Texas. Here are the remarks I shared with them and their guests:

I have every person I marry write an autobiographical essay. Generally, the groom’s essay is not as detailed as the bride’s, certainly not when it comes to feelings. Steven is no regular groom, though. Not only was his essay long and detailed, it touched on some pretty deep ideas.

Check this out: “Before Miriam I did not believe in falling in love. I am a very realistic person and my… (hope) at the time was (to find) someone I like who doesn’t get on my nerves. I am so lucky now too admit how wrong I was and how lucky I am to have never settled…” Wow! Not only did Miriam cause him to fall in love with her; she changed his perception of the very idea of love.

Now, Miriam may not have needed convincing of the very idea of falling in love. Still, she came to their first date, with eyes wide open, prepared for all eventualities. This part may actually make you hungry too: “Steven and I have a lot in common, but a big thing we have in common is food. We both really, really love food. So, it’s only fitting that the night I met Steven for the first time, I told my sister that I would text her in the middle of the date to let her know how it was going and would do so in code words related to pizza toppings – pepperoni meant good, green peppers meant neutral, and anchovies meant bad. Steven immediately earned a rating of 100 pepperonis – and the rest was history…”

What did Miriam do to change Steven’s mind about love? He tells us: “If you took everything in a person that was important to me, sweet, kind, generous, smart, funny, emotionally intelligent, hardworking, trustworthy, understanding and beautiful, she exemplified (it) all.”

And what caused Steven to earn so many cured meats, and to keep that coveted rating? Miriam admits that at that first date his good looks and charm did play a part. However, she quickly discovered that he was, “the most generous and thoughtful person I… ever met. He truly cares about other people and really wants to make others happy.”

What seals the deal for Miriam is this: “We have the same fundamental values, matching visions for our future, and love and respect for each other, and that is what is most important to me.” It is no surprise, therefore, that Steven says, “I’m so lucky to have her in my life and (I) feel so fortunate… (to have) the relationship that we have.”

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