Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Tremendous Amount of Love and Caring

Between the both of them Cynthia and Mike have more degrees than a thermometer. What is really impressive about them is what wonderful and loving parents they are. Here are the remarks I shared with them:

While working with a couple on their ceremony, I spend time talking to them, and getting to know them. I also have each person write an autobiographical essay. When I write the draft of the ceremony, I usually go back and reread those essays, and use them as my starting point or launching pad for these very remarks.

After all, as engineers like Cynthia and Mike might tell you, you can learn a lot about any entity through analyzing a product they made. That is true for a company that makes seats for airplanes, and it is true for individual people too.

The thing is that with Cynthia and Mike, just from meeting with them, I got to see much more than with the average couple. Every time I met with them, I got to meet Luna too. (At her request, I even got to do something I had never done before, read a child a book in Spanish.) Any couple who has a child will tell you how much that changes their lives, as individuals and as lovers. It may sound like a cliché, but it is very true. If you do things right, like Cynthia and Mike, it causes your love to really mature and take form. Beyond that, and I speak here as a former assistant principal, you can learn a lot about people just from observing parents interact with their children, and even just from your own interaction with their children.

What you learn from observing Cynthia and Mike with Luna, and from spending even a few moments with Luna herself is unmistakable. There is a tremendous amount of love and caring in this young family. So, Cynthia and Mike, what is it we wish for you? Well, that you stay the course, that you keep doing what you are doing, that you continue strengthening this very bond of mutual love and caring within your little family.

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