Friday, May 25, 2012


Every relationship ideally should evolve. Ashley and David know that, and reflect that in their life together. Here are the remarks I shared with them and their guests:

Couples with really solid relationships will tell you that their relationship did not spring into being. The Hollywood myth of love at first sight is really just a myth. Really solid relationships, like the one Ashley and David have, are works in progress that continuously evolve, where the partners continuously strive for perfection through persistent growth.

Indeed, Ashley and David describe their relationship as a "constant evolution of what it really means to be in a close intimate partnership. [It is] to give and take, agree and disagree, learn and love and grow and experience each and every new chapter of this crazy ride called life together."

Ashley and David, you have come upon a great truth here. Thinking that your relationship springs into being fully formed, ready to go, perfect and constant, well, that can lead to much heartbreak and little happiness.

Understanding, on the other hand, like you do, that your relationship is an evolving entity, a journey together of ebb and of flow, of up and of down, is different. It is that understanding that can lead to a joyous life, where you slowly and methodically inch towards perfection.

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