Sunday, May 6, 2012

It’s All About Teamwork

Simmi and Will had a really cool wedding day. In the morning they had a Sikh ceremony at the Temple that Simmi’s folks attend. In the evening we had a Jewish ceremony. Here are the personal remarks I shared with these two up and coming doctors to be and their guests:

There is a story about two Jewish grandmothers, Sadie and Goldie, who meet in the park. (The story might work equally as well with regard to Indian parents, as you’ll see in a second.) Anyway, Sadie, happens to have her two small grandchildren in tow. Goldie says to her, “Ohhhh, so who are these handsome young men?” Sadie, immediately answers pointing to each of them in turn, “Oh, well the seven year old, he’s the doctor, and the five year old, he’s the lawyer…”

So, the fact that both of these talented individuals are headed off to career in medicine is hardly surprising. One thing that did surprise me, though, is that Will was an important member of the rowing team at USC. Let’s face it, we Jews are not well known for our sports prowess. Will is the exception amongst Jewish kids in this area. I do believe, though, that functioning as a team has many great lessons for married life, and for a professional life in the medical field.

The wonderful thing about Simmi and Will is that they are truly a team, and they are always trying to improve their team work. They understand that for team Sandhu-Morris to function, it must operate as a true and equal partnership. Even more important, and this is true for every team, it involves sacrifice on the part of all individuals on the team.

Simmi and Will have experienced this self sacrifice first hand. I am writing these remarks shortly after "match day" a simultaneously anticipated and dreaded day in the community of medical students. (Grab a drink and a medical student or doctor during the reception, and they will explain this to you.) When couples like Simmi and Will seek to be matched with medical institutions for residency, that involves much self sacrifice, as they are consciously limiting their options, so they can stay together.

This teamwork and self sacrifice has brought Simmi and Will even closer to each other. With this couple, you can really see that when you do something for your teammate, for your partner, for your lover, you're not really "taking one for the team". In fact, you are making yourself and your team even stronger.

In that spirit, and if you'll excuse the mixing of the metaphors, let's play ball...

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