Sunday, March 27, 2016

We Could Count on Each Other

Saturday evening I officiated Jaclyn and Norman’s wedding ceremony at Marché Bonsecours, in Montreal, Quebec. Here are the remarks I shared with them and their guests:

Jaclyn and Norm have a very special love story. It begins with a mixture of innocence and what Norm calls "cheekiness". Listen to the how Norm tells it. It starts right outside his apartment. Coming from a family with a family business, you would probably not be surprised that he felt right at home living "above the store", or at least A store:

"The store and my apartment shared a common entrance and it was in that little corridor where I met my future wife. I was jiggling with my keys to get in and this cute girl popped out of the store to greet me. She was wondering what I was doing (not knowing I lived upstairs). When I told her that I was simply going home she asked me if she could run up and see my apartment and instructed me to watch the store – I loved this cheekiness right away."

So, why do I say cheekiness AND innocence? Well, because neither of these two were looking for a mate. They really were just going kind of minding their own business, until this encounter. Listen to Jaclyn's complementary description of their chance meeting, and you'll see what I mean:

"When Norm came into my life it was completely unexpected. There must be some truth in the saying ‘Love happens when you least expect it.' I was not looking for anyone or anything in particular. It was just any other day and I was alone working at a boutique... (Parenthetically, I find it interesting that the one with the non-French name called it a boutique...) It was a Sunday (in the) late afternoon and I was just about to close..." Really innocent, so far, right? Well, the cheekiness is about to come back: "I was not expecting a very tall and handsome young man to walk up to the store. He couldn’t possibly be shopping for costume jewelry. I popped out the door and asked him what he was up to. When he answered that he was on his way up to his apartment I was intrigued because I had no idea that someone was living up there, yet alone that ‘someone’ happened to be a young and charming guy."

This was the beginning of a deep love connection. What do I mean by deep? Well, two things. Listen to Norm describe what might be referred to as the "essence" of his bride: "What I love about Jaclyn is her genuine kindness. She is a wonderful person with a massive heart and she seeks to make those around her happy." And Jaclyn tells us about Norm and how he makes her feel, "I am completely myself when we are together and he understands me more than anyone has. He is also the ultimate life partner- he is patient, supportive, interested, affectionate and always so positive."

The second reason for why I say deep, is that marriage is sometimes somewhat of a gamble, or at least an educated guess. What do I mean by that? Well, typically, a young couple has not had to deal with too much in their lives. So, essentially they bet on the fact that not only will they be able to celebrate in the good times, but also weather the bad times together. That is why the traditional vows say, "in good times and in bad."

Well, no educated guesses needed with these two... Norm recounts the realization they came to together, "[In] that extremely difficult time, we realized how much we could count on each other for support and strength. Moreover, we realized that we could likely get through anything life would eventually throw at us as a team."

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