Sunday, April 3, 2016


On Saturday I co-officiated Veronica and Jeff's wedding ceremony with Padré Hugo Landeros, Antigua Hacienda de Dolores, in Guanajuato, Mexico. Here is what I shared with them and their guests:

Like most Americans, I did not know anything of Guanajuato, before Veronica and Jeff asked me to co-officiate their wedding. So, naturally, I was like, why Guanajuato? Once I looked into Guanajuato, I feel like now I need to ask other couples, why NOT Guanajuato?! I mean it is not every day that you get to visit a city that is in its entirety an UNESCO world heritage site! What an honor to co-officiate a wedding ceremony in such a beautiful city.
Now, interestingly, I think that there is a specific connection between Veronica and Jeff's relationship and this city. I am not even sure they realize this connection. What do I mean by that? Well, Guanajuato has many claims to fame. However, if I may be so bold as to single out what I think are the two most important of these, I would say they are, Guanajuato's rich natural resources, and its centrality in the story of Mexico's independence. The riches found in the soil of this city are legendary. And the spirit of the Mexican fight for independence which sprung from that very soil is the stuff of legend.

How does that connect to this couple? Well, when you listen to Veronica and Jeff tell you about the birth, the beginning, the inception of their relationship, you get the sense that it was so effortless, so natural, that it was as if it was embedded in them already, like the riches in this soil. Now, of course, with relationships, as with the founding of nation-states, even if something had natural potential you can't just rely on that. As any behavioral professional, like these two, will tell you, relationships require effort. And Veronica and Jeff have invested and continue to regularly invest in the joyous work of growing their loving relationship. That is how in the years that followed, they have kept that freshness and natural richness of their love story alive. That my friends, is why Guanajuato's story is Veronica and Jeff's story too. That is why this place is so perfect for making their love story official.

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