Sunday, March 1, 2015

They Just Have It Made

Yesterday evening (2/28) Reverend Marty Younkin and I co-officiated Rani and Shawn's wedding ceremony at the Rosewood Crescent Hotel in Dallas, Texas. Here are the remarks I shared with them and their guests:

There is one thing you can't help thinking about when you do what I do.. What is it? Simple: Will THIS couple make it? However, I never asked that question about Rani and Shawn. They are going to make it. No doubt about it.

So, how do I know? Just spend a little time with Rani and Shawn, listen to their love story, and observe how it continues to unfold, and how they nurture it. Rani says, in a characteristically straightforward manner, "The thing that I love most about Shawn is that he loves me so completely... I look forward to growing old together and hope we always stay a little weird. I love that about us." Shawn, not surprisingly, is very analytical: "She was strikingly beautiful... As I got to know Rani better, I realized that she was even more beautiful inside than out. What started out as friendship grew stronger. She was smart, witty, strong, sweet, caring……AND very pretty."

Now, all of that is important, vital, critical, but not enough. Rani and Shawn have that additional component that I base my prediction on. They have committed to doing the work that needs to be done. They show this by having done so in the past. As Shawn says, "We spent a lot of time on understanding us... (and) many of the challenges that (already)... wed couples may otherwise face." They continue to do so in the present. As Shawn says, "I feel like our relationship gets better every day and I look forward to spending the rest of my life with her." They will do so in the future. As Rani says, "I still think we can improve."

It is this type of recognition, that marriage is something you need to work at, that the wedding is just the beginning, and that your relationship can and should evolve into something that gets more wonderful every day that will enable Rani and Shawn to go the distance. They just have it made …

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