Sunday, February 15, 2015

Play the Long Game - It's Worth the Wait

Yesterday (2/14) I officiated Ashley and Mike's wedding ceremony at their beautiful home in Dallas, Texas. Here are the remarks I shared with them:

Ashley and Mike, what a special moment, what a special couple, what a special relationship. One theme that is common in your individual stories, and your shared love story, is the willingness to play the "long game", and wait for what turned out to be each other.

Mike, you talk about how Ashley turned your, "life upside down and around, in a very good way." You share how she has made you a better person and got you out of your comfort zone. However, you had to be open to that, you had to welcome that, you had to be willing to wait for that. You had to play the long game.

Ashley, with your fondness for Yiddish, you say that Mike "is a true mensch", and you share how blessed you feel that he has come into your life. You insist that life "has changed drastically and for the better," because of Mike. However, as you say, you had to wait for Mike, you had to hold out, you had to play the long game.

The beautiful thing in playing the long game is not only is it, as you say, Ashley, "worth the wait." It is much more than that. It shapes your entire demeanor and existence, in understanding that life itself, past, present and future is not about the destinations we reach or strive to reach. There is scarce meaning in most specific destinations. Life is about the journey, the greatest of joys is found in the gradual uncovering of that journey, and the greatest journey is the one you share.

Ashley and Mike, may you continue on this wonderful journey, playing the long game of happiness together, for many many years to come.

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