Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Love That is Deep and Profound

Yesterday afternoon, Saturday 3/22, Reverend Nicole Bates and I co-officiated Emmaline and Elliott's wedding at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens in Fort Worth, Texas.

In the Jewish wedding liturgy we make references to Adam and Eve. Implied through these references is the hope that the couple's love for each other should be so strong, that it is as if to her he is the only man in the world and to him she is the only woman in the world.

When you listen to the words that Emmaline and Elliott say about each other, you understand that that is the emotional space they are in. Talk about a good old fashioned love story. Feel free to close your eyes, and really listen, as in their own words they describe their love so vividly.

Elliott wrote this as a text four months into their relationship, and he still has this on his phone, "Your love gives me strength I never knew I had. Confidence I never thought I’d feel. And joy I never knew existed. You make me want to be a better person. You make me want to try new things. You make life so wonderful. My reason for living was to find you, and I thank God for it every single day."

Emmaline describes her Elliott and their love thus, "He is my everything. We truly are one together and I know we will be by each other’s side through anything and everything. He completes my soul and has made me the person that I am today... We have tackled any obstacle that has come our way and I love the hope and confidence that gives me for our future together. At the risk of sounding clich√©, my love for him is deeper than I can even put into words."

Wow. Isn't that beautiful? Isn't that what this is all about? This is the type of love so deep, so profound, that it is contagious and inspiring. Emmaline and Elliott, thank you so much for that.

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