Saturday, September 13, 2014

Just a Little Purer

Friday night (9/12) I officiated Heather and Scott's wedding ceremony at the Dallas Arboretum in Dallas, Texas. They have been together since high school. They married 17 years to the day since their relationship began. Here are the remarks I shared with them and their guests:

In all things in life we learn by trial and error. Our love lives are no exception. In this precious area of life, that has inspired great works of poetry and music, while also launching a thousand ships, we stumble and get up again, we err and circle back, hopefully learning in the process, some of us quicker and others slower.

Still, while we advance and hopefully evolve, there is that sweetness of the first kiss, the innocence of the first hand we hold, the warmth of the first cheek we graze with a fingertip, that never goes away, and that we seek with greater knowledge and experience to recreate. Alas, it is lost with that person whom we shared them with.

Not so for Heather and Scott. , and still cherish in each other those very children they once were. They are that rare couple, that have loved each other in the innocence of youth, have allowed each other the room to evolve and grow, and have done it together.

They can still recreate that long gone world of the past, THAT September 12th, not of the 2014, but of 1997. And so, the shared life they have created together is just a little sweeter, just a little purer, just a little more authentic than many can enjoy. In that sense they are truly blessed.

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