Monday, May 19, 2014

Like Opening a Bottle of Lightning

Last night, Saturday 5/17, I officiated Monique and Tony's wedding at Hotel Mazarin, in New Orleans, Louisiana. Here are the remarks I shared with them and their guests:

Over the last few months, I spoke with both Monique and Tony together, and individually, about their relationship. Both of Monique and Tony's accounts were so beautiful, that I believe paraphrasing them would be a crime. Instead, I would like to share some of their descriptions with all of you now.

Monique described their first meeting and their relationship: "Tony was sitting on steps in front of a building waiting for me. I got out of the taxi, our eyes met, and the strangest thing happened. I didn’t feel love at first sight or butterflies, but rather a recognition that my life was about to change. I desired to know this person. We ended up having the best date I’ve ever had. It was like our lives had been running parallel to one another, each of us waiting for the perfect time to intersect. We each had exactly what the other person needed and wanted."

Tony used a fascinating phrase I actually have never seen before, but I immediately understood what he meant:  "Our first time together was like opening a bottle of lightning. Hours with her seemed like minutes. I knew immediately – and have felt since – that she was one of the people who would be a big part of my life... Aside from my son*, I have never felt such closeness with another human being.  I feel that each day I spend with Monique is a gift."

Wow. Is that cool or what? Every couple should strive for such a deep and profound connection.

I always encourage couples, who have children from previous relationships to acknowledge them in their ceremony. Such encouragement was not necessary here.  In fact, both Monique and Tony expressed the importance of Tony's son in their relationship.

Tony said, "As much as I immediately cared for Monique, I knew that I was not the only party that mattered here. Thus, it was with the utmost joy that I watched Monique and my son get to know, and care for, each other. Although my son and I have always had a wonderful relationship, it wasn’t until Monique joined us that we have felt like a family." And Monique reflects this right back, when she speaks of her two favorite guys, "Tony and his son are my family now. They were both so generous with their love, they were able to tear down my walls. Their love feels like the safest place I’ve ever known. I think I provide the same for them as well."

Monique and Tony, what can I even attempt to add to that? May you together with Tony's son, continue to enjoy this lightning in a bottle that you three have captured together.

* In my remarks I used his name. I have excised it here to protect his privacy.

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