Tuesday, May 28, 2013

See and Cherish the Miraculous

On Sunday (5/26) I officiated Kailee and Landon's wedding at Arlington Hall at Lee Park in Dallas, Texas. Here are the personal remarks I shared with them and their guests:

I recently heard the great character actor, Stephen Tobolowsky, vividly describe the meaning of a fascinating passage in the Zohar, a medieval book of Jewish mysticism, and it made me think of Kailee and Landon.

The Book of Ezekiel gives a fairly mundane description of an instance where the prophet, "Saw what he saw, and said what he said." The Zohar says that this seemingly mundane sentence actually describes our lives. You see, that is all we ever do. We impose limits upon ourselves that hamper our sight. We erect filters that prevent us from seeing what is right in front of us. These limits and filters mean that we only see what we choose to see. And so, though we are surrounded by miracles, we just can't see them. The challenge therefore is to remove those filters and dismantle those limits, so we can see life for what it truly is.

Here is where Kailee and Landon's relationship is instructive. In their love story, from its beginning, they have seemed capable to truly see without limits and filters. This is how Kailee is able to say that from a very early point in their lives together, "Marriage has never been a question of why but rather when." This is how Landon is able to say, and this is not the kind of verbiage you hear from the typical guy, "There have been moments in which I have seen glimpses of what Kailee can be as a wife and even as a mother." This is how they are together eight years and counting.

Kailee and Landon, do not let the filters of the ordinary cloud your vision. Nurture your ability to see without limits. And in your lives together always choose to see and cherish the miraculous.


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