Sunday, August 12, 2012

Taco Salad Day

This last Saturday I co-officiated Leah and Joey's wedding with Pastor J.C. Lane in Montgomery, Alabama. Pastor Lane is Leah's grandfather, so this wedding was extra special. Here are my remarks:

Is there anything more intimidating than delivering meaningful personal remarks, standing beside the bride's grandfather, who raised her since the age of fourteen? I think not! So, if speaking at 150 weddings has taught me anything, when in doubt, resort to humor!

That brings us, of course, to "Taco Salad Day". First impressions are very important, so ideally, you want your first interaction with the beautiful upperclassman girl to go exactly like this did for Joey. Here is his description, "It was taco salad day and Leah and I sat at tables that were right beside one another. I was using hand gestures to tell a story to my buddies (Have I mentioned he's Jewish...) and before I knew it, I had taco salad all over me and in my lap!"

Now, you may think I am joking, and, well, I am. However, I am serious too. Just listen to Leah's description of what her reaction was, "I laughed and you could tell he was embarrassed, but I loved how well he played it off so nonchalantly. There was something about him that definitely caught my eye, and it wasn’t the taco salad that was covering his lap."

You see, people talk about many important components to a relationship, but many times I think that one of the most important is a sense of humor, being able to laugh. But there is something still deeper going on here. Humor is important, but perhaps the most important ingredient in a relationship is not taking YOURSELF too seriously. That is essential! Clearly what most impressed Leah was that Joey could laugh the whole thing off. She herself showed that she had the same approach about herself, when she asked him out moments later to a dance.

Leah and Joey, what is it we all wish you. Keep going back to that well, where you met. Keep smiling, keep enjoying life, and never stop laughing together.

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