Monday, May 30, 2011

Questioning is Key

This last Sunday I co-officiated Misty and Brian’s wedding at the Four Seasons in Austin, Texas, with Reverend CJ Taylor. I talked about a concept that to me is one of the most important, questioning:

I believe that central to each of these two individuals before us is that they never shied away from questions. Each of them separately and before they met, showed the same intellectual honesty of questioning their faiths, not just accepting everything, hook, line and sinker. They each developed an understanding of the role they wished religion and spirituality to play in their lives. In turn, when they became a couple, they again did not ignore the challenges inherent in two people coming together from two different faith traditions. They knew they had to ask questions of themselves and each other, and arrive at answers together as a couple, regarding the place and manner religion and spirituality would play in their lives.

Now, some may see questioning of one’s faith as disrespectful or out of place. Nothing can be further from the truth. After all, the most central book in the Jewish faith is the Talmud, a book of questions, even heated arguments resulting from fierce questions. Christianity too is born of questioning the religious establishment of the time.

So, Misty and Brian, I urge you to continue setting an example for others. Continue on your path of questioning, thinking and reflecting. Continue to make that a part of your relationship, and make it a part of the lives of your future children. Remind yourselves again and again that answers are important too, but that questions and challenges are what keep us alive and kicking. Follow that path and I have no doubt, your bond will remain absolutely unbreakable.

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