Sunday, January 21, 2018

More Romantic than Love-At-First-Sight

Saturday evening, I officiated Kathryn and Zach’s wedding ceremony at the Joule Hotel, in Dallas, Texas. Here are the remarks I shared with them and their guests:

Kathryn and Zach met at the ripe old age of… ten years old. Like you do! You think I’m joking, when I refer to this as old age; I’m not. They probably would have met much earlier, had Zach not arrived at the school Kathryn had been attending since kindergarten, just in time for fifth grade. If only he had known, I’m sure he would have gotten there much quicker…
Now, they didn’t start dating immediately, of course, though they did become friends pretty quickly. Here is how Kathryn describes the subsequent development of their relationship, over the ensuing eight years: “As we grew in age, our friendship strengthened, and we began to develop feelings for each other. Over the years we watched each other date different people, make difficult decisions, and slowly... grow into the adults we are today. We began ‘officially’ dating during the last week of high school, and about three short months later, my resolve fortified by liquid courage, I told Zach that I loved him.”
Even after that, as is often natural for young folks who have a long-distance relationship during college, they practiced a little “catch and release”, in their dating relationship, before they decided to make each other permanent life partners.
Now, it’s not like we get to choose how we meet our mate for life, but Kathryn and Zach find the way their relationship came into being and evolved along the way, to be perfect. As Zach says: “Our story is not a fairy-tale love-at-first-sight story. But I would argue ours is more powerful. The gradual nature of our relationship ensured that the relationship was based on the character and qualities of the other. This can’t be the case in love-at-first-sight situations. I believe loving someone after knowing them for fifteen years, seeing them in their best and worst times, and having the quality-time to become best friends, is more romantic than love-at-first-sight.”
Well, Kathryn and Zach, in that respect, tonight, you have made believers of us all…

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