Saturday, April 18, 2015

You Just Need to Hold On

Though Monica and Al are a fairly young couple, their stories stretch back into what seems like a period lost in the mists of time. They were both born in countries who during their very lifetimes went from being Communist dictatorships to being thriving democracies. Under those totalitarian overlords, many families gave up their cultural and religious heritages. Not Monica and Al's families, though; they held on.

Their moms arrived in this country, a new and foreign land. It was not easy. It was challenging. Not everyone who followed their path succeeded. But those moms held on.

Perhaps it is this spirit that planted the seeds in Monica and Al, that would make each of them strong, resilient and adept at overcoming challenges that could easily phase others. Perhaps, this is how in different areas of their lives, they held on.

This spirit is exemplified in how they have conducted themselves professionally. Each of them has seen professional life as not a destination to arrive at, but a journey to travel on. They have not been afraid to evaluate and reevaluate, to set off on well reasoned courses, and to course-correct. Through this, not only have they not fallen behind; they have found greater success and satisfaction, than other more timid souls might have. They have held on.

What Monica and Al remind us with their story, is that if you stick to it, if you work hard, if you are flexible and willing to adapt, if you resolutely hold on, you can reach the "happily ever after." You just need to hold on.

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