Sunday, January 27, 2013

What is True Love

Yesterday I officiated Sivan and Sam's wedding at the beautiful Cala Luna Hotel, in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Here are my personal remarks:

Many great thinkers have long entertained a seemingly simple question, what is true love? When do I know that what I feel for another person is true love? Now, I say this is only a seemingly simple question because, though the question sounds simple, the answer might not be. In fact, depending on who you ask you will probably get different answers.

One of the best answers I have heard is that true love means caring about the other person's welfare and happiness, as much or more than you care about your own. Anyone who knows Sivan and Sam, knows that this is certainly true regarding their partnership, their relationship, their love.

However, I believe that they take it to another level. Sivan says that Sam has more faith in her, than she has in herself. I sense that this feeling is definitely mutual. They not only care deeply about each other; they profoundly believe in each other.

I further sense that it is this faith, this profound belief in each other that brings about another aspect of the depth of their relationship.

Sam says, "My life is infinitely better with her in it... I feel we are capable of far more together than apart." What is Sam saying here? He is expressing, once again what I believe is a mutually held feeling, that together, as a team, their partnership is greater than the mere sum of its parts. How does one achieve such a unique and special partnership? Again, only by deeply loving one another, and profoundly believing in each other.

So, Sivan and Sam, what we wish for you is simple, that you continue to deeply love and profoundly believe in each other. Through that your bond will be absolutely unbreakable.

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