Saturday, July 28, 2012

An Exciting Journey Just Waiting to Unfold

Recently I officiated Stephanie and Jeremy's wedding at the beautiful Mediterranean Villa in Arlington, Texas. This is the first time I officiated a wedding for two Mensa eligible people! Here are the remarks I shared with them:

I think that this couple is indeed one you can learn from, first and foremost, because both of them are really just so darn smart, just from the technical official IQ kind of perspective. We are talking, "scary smart!"

Really, though, it is more than that. I had the feeling when I was talking to Stephanie and Jeremy that they are, in a sense, while young and fun individuals, old souls, who possess wisdom beyond their chronological ages. The reason for that, I think, is that they have had to deal with challenges a little bit more than would seem fair. Now, none of us chooses to have the types of challenges that fate put in their paths, but dealing with those challenges successfully matured them, and gave them wisdom far beyond their years.

Now, in some instances, and with some people, even dealing successfully with those kinds of curveballs might leave one bitter and sour towards life. One could not even be blamed for such a reaction. But that is just not Stephanie and Jeremy. With them, it is if anything, quite the opposite. They just possess a zest for life, which is infectious. Therefore, they truly view their present and future as individuals and as a couple, as an exciting journey, just waiting to unfold.

In that spirit, let's wait no more, and with their vows in just a moment, let's begin the rest of that journey now. Because with these two, I have a feeling, that we ain't seen nothing yet!

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