Monday, January 3, 2011

Relationships Are What Makes the World Go Round

Yvonne and Reed, one of the great things about working with a more “seasoned” couple like you, Yvonne and Reed, is that you have gained some wisdom that comes from having been “around the block” once or twice. You have learned some lessons that one cannot learn in the classroom, rather need to be experienced in the school of life. One of the central things you emphasized in our discussions is that while you have each worked very hard get to where you are today, your relationship has reminded you what is really important in life – your relationships, the love that you have found with each other, and the love you have for your children.

Now, you may say, duh! If, however, you have paid attention to what is going on in the world today, you will understand how much this message is a needed one for us all. You see, modern life can sometimes make us forget that material possessions are just tools, that they cannot really fulfill our dreams. We sometimes forget that it is our connections and relationships that make us who we are. We sometimes forget as individuals and as a society, we need place supreme value on our spouses, our children, and our friends, so we may find true lasting meaning and happiness in our lives.

So, Yvonne and Reed, thank you for reminding us of these important lessons. We hope and pray that you will hold on to these important values. With the hustle and bustle of life, that can sometimes be a tall order. So, here is a suggestion. Look into each other’s eyes. (Yes, now…) As the years go by, take a moment here and there to look into each other’s eyes like you are now, and remind yourselves of what is most important in life – your relationship with each other, your connection to your loved ones, and your caring for others.

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